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Nov 3, 2019

Introducing The DnA of Home Interiors, a PODcast series hosted by online home furnishing tech entrepreneur Deirdre Mc Gettrick and expert interior designer Audrey Whelan.

Deirdre and Audrey have come together to empower people to become their own home interior designers. Across this video series Deirdre and Audrey will explore the steps and process of interior design, share inspirational thoughts and ideas for the home and demystify the trade secrets of nailing the perfect home interior from top to bottom.

In episode 1 Deirdre and Audrey delve into the concepts of interior design and the challenges that most people face. They discuss approaches to tackling these challenges when completing a home interior project that includes everything from managing projects in collaboration with a partner, selecting colour schemes, deciding upon styles and building a plan.

The DnA of Home Interiors is here to help people on their personal journey and to build a community of like minded people who love and want their best for their home. Be sure to follow us across facebook, instagram and twitter for regular updates.

Also be sure to check out Audrey's interior design business, Audrey Whelan Design and Deirdre's online search engine for home furniture