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Mar 9, 2020

Finding and deciding upon the right coffee table for your home is tough. It's such a feature piece in the home with that will get so much usage which makes selecting the right coffee table a big decision. Weirdly, it's the most divisive furniture decision for couples to make as well with so much debate about style, function, material, size and shape!

Through her 20 years of Interior Design experience, Audrey has witnessed and moderated many a debate over coffee table selection between couples. The challenge is which elements of a coffee table should people prioritise to ensure they get the decision right for their home?

In this episode of The DnA of Home Interiors, Audrey and Deirdre tackle the key aspects of the coffee table decision making process. They take a deep dive on the options available in market and explore how to effectively use elements like space in your living areas to select the right coffee table.

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