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Jul 8, 2020

This week Deirdre and Audrey discuss open plan living spaces, and how to make sure you can zone the different areas you need for a truly functional home.

Perhaps you’d like a more snug dining space and a larger living room area, or maybe the ability to be able to adapt the spaces for when you have guests to allow a larger dining area when you require it appeals to you, whatever you need, Deirdre and Audrey have some great advice on achieving these features!

Deidre and Audrey have some fantastic tips from extendable tables with easy lighting adaptions, types of room dividers to positioning radiators and plug sockets; so if you want to change up your open plan living area or are planning an extension, this episode is filled with tonnes of advice to inspire you!


📣Exciting announcement: The Dna of Home Interiors podcast is now proudly sponsored!!📣


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