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Apr 29, 2020

Deirdre and Audrey met with Jules Haines, founder of The Haines Collection to discuss how to reduce fabric waste in home interior design through innovative methods of recycling and reusing materials.

Jules founded the Haines Collection after several years of working in the interiors industry and witnessing the sheer amount of waste generated. She decided to take action and create The Haines Collection to invent innovative ways that the industry can recycle and reuse fabrics/ materials such as wallpaper, old lamp shades, sofas fabrics and many more to recreate items for the home. Her journey has led her to be a pioneer in the industry and a leading light in the way fabric waste will be tackled in the future.

Through their in depth discussion with Jules, Deirdre and Audrey learn that reducing fabric waste and recycling materials isn't confined to interior design professionals, it's something that everyone can practice in their own home. Jules shares stories of her clients that have successfully followed her methods and created stunning pieces that they are proud to say they created.

To learn more about The Haines Collection be sure to visit Jules' website

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