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Feb 23, 2020

Kitchen designs for the home have been through a revolution since the new millennium. Gone are the days where the kitchen was just a function space in the house for food preparation!

In these modern times kitchens have become a super open living space filled with inspiration and creativity. Modern day kitchens incorporate much more light and space to enable them to be navigated easily and for tasks to be spread across the area. They've also become a place of entertaining guests. Kitchen islands and bar stools have become common place in many kitchens where you can have friends and family over and entertain them with a glass of wine whilst food preparations take place.

Kitchens have also been very incorporated into other living spaces such as a dining room or a small dining area. In small living spaces the kitchen area will occupy the same space as the lounge area so creating a natural feel to the room and delineating the kitchen from the lounge is important.

Audrey and Deirdre take a detailed look at modern kitchen design and discuss how you can create the perfect kitchen for you home no matter what your needs are.

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