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Jun 10, 2020

Apart from your bed, what item of furniture you spend the most amount of time on in your home? For many of us, it's the sofa, and the sofa is generally considered to be the center piece of any living room.

Audrey and Deirdre take a detailed look at how to decide upon the right sofa for your home. Deirdre brings her point of view on the topic as the CEO of a furniture business that showcases over 13,000 sofas on one website. The variations and choice of sofa are endless and it's crucial for every home that the right selections are made based on style, size, material, functionality, price, warranty and the list goes on and on.

As an expert Interior Designer, Audrey has helped thousands of households across the UK find the perfect sofa for their needs. She'll take a deep dive on things to look out for when considering sofas and share her hints and tricks on how to not get caught out.

No matter what you're living situation at home, Audrey and Deirdre will help you make the right sofa choice for your home!

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